Synopsis of Weekend Events at the Old Mill

Sunday, September 29th at 2 pm in the Old Mill Banquet Hall, the Dundee Community School's Robotic Team "the Vi-Borgs", conducted robotic demonstrations and a presentation on the team, work involved and the process."


Dundee Vi-Borgs #4395
Our Dundee High School team currently has 10 members, some competitive teams have as high as 80 members. While this makes the project more work for smaller teams, it also provides a benefit of the team members getting more time "hands on" therefore learning more in the process. Team steps to competition are first they receive the game objectives, then the team designs the robot to achieve tasks to complete the competition, then they build and test the robot.

They start in January and work every night of the school week for 2-3 hours and on Friday as long as it takes to accomplish the task at hand. Students have to balance their workload and study time to keep grades on track.
Last year it cost $5000 for two competition entries and about another $2000 for extra parts. Each year the robot has to be dismantled as it cannot be used in competition again, this provides each years team members the complete learning and challenge resolution experience.
The original $5000 includes some part kits but funding needs to be covered by sponsors as the school could not cover these costs. To help offset these cost the past robots pieces not used the following year can be sold to help cover cost. Dundee's team also uses some of their resources to buy old robots, dismantle them for their needed parts and sell the rest to help cover their cost. So each year the students get lessons in programming, mechanical design, problem solving, team work and business finance among other things.

The Team Members!
Hayden McAveavy
Conner Williams
Liam Bressler
Matthew Plansimis
Cecily Bressler, Co-Driver
Aubrey Salkeld, Driver
Paige Brescol, Mascot
Alex Thebolt
Deanna Bressler, Coach













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