Synopsis of Weekend Events at the Old Mill

Saturday, September 8, 2 pm Old Mill Banquet Hall, "Lift Your Eyes to the Future" Forum, Where Do We Go From Here? The Future of the Village of Dundee, Dundee Township and Monroe Co.

David Uhl Dundee Village Manager opened the presentation with a quick overview of our future and introduced Tim Lake for his presentation.

Tim Lake of the Monroe County Business Development Corporation who works with its strategic partners to attract and retrain a diverse range of businesses that create an economic environment of innovation and success, spoke on the future development of Monroe County and how it will affect Dundee. (credit to

Tim credited Dundee with being one of the leaders in attracting new business in Monroe County. Dundee sets on a major corridor of US 23, M-50, I 75 and I 94 which location makes it a magnet for business all by itself. Dundee also has implemented a "fast track" approach to acquiring new business per Dave Uhl and Tim, by doing an in depth study into what a new businesses want and need for Dundee to attract and win new business. Businesses looking to develop in any community look for infrastructure already in place so they can hit the ground running, these include, logistics, power grid supporting their requirements, tax incentives, workforce, housing and land availability.

"Mass Transit in the planning for Monroe County", was discussed as daily travel in the not so distant future of Monroe and Dundee. As Global Warning drives less emissions there will be a need to move people with alternatives to petroleum powered vehicles, especially single use automobiles. This is also huge to our infrastructure maintenance requirements, we can not just keep building more roads to carry all the traffic in cities where there is no more room or more rural areas. We need agriculture land to produce food for a growing population and to help control the green house affect of emitting all the pollution with "Green Space". Whether or not we want to admit to Global Warming, it is happening, just listen to the News of Glaciers melting, oceans and lakes rising and more flooding than in past centuries.

Change is evident, we can not stop it or ignore it, to not move forward is to go backward as the world around us continues to change. This is the message in this presentation.

David Uhl gave an interesting talk on our village and were we are headed, about new businesses we have currently working with us and are coming to Dundee. Yes one of them is still Meijers, all they are waiting for is more houses therefore people to support the amount of business they need to make a store succeed. Dave mentioned other business additions in the works for the near future, one of them was the National Guard, the government just has a long lead time to implement their plan. Another business is the new elder care on Waterstradt Commerce Dr. which is almost completed.

Joanna Uhl, Dundee Township Supervisor, was also in attendance for the presentation, She, Dave and Tim opened up the floor to questions from the audience. Open discussion lasted for little over a half hour and many questions of "what's happening with" topics were addressed. Dave, Tim and Joanna all remarked that it was one of the best open discussion they had taken part in for quite a while. Dave said he thought it was productive and would like to see more people come to Village Meetings and have discussions like this as it eliminates guessing and preconceived notions about what is really going on in Dundee.

Congratulations to the audience and presenters for a great open discussion! We all learned what the village is working on and Dave and Joanna have more input to help make informed decisions on our future.

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